Year 11 English Examinations Letter


January 2019

Dear Parent/Guardian

Year 11 students will sit 4 English examinations overall in order to gain 2 GCSE qualifications. Often, students can become overwhelmed by the challenge of these new GCSE qualifications and can struggle to organise revision.

In order to help students with English revision, we are in the process of creating a number of high-quality revision guides, to be used both in school and at home. This will mean that all students will be provided with revision materials for all aspects of the course. The guides will include plot summaries, character grids, key vocabulary, past papers and sample answers, and English teachers have tailored these booklets to meet the specific needs of our students. If used regularly, we strongly believe that the guides will have a huge impact on students’ results.

The revision guides are costly to produce, so we are asking for a voluntary contribution of £2.50 per student to help cover these costs.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Yours faithfully

M Swaine

Mrs M Swaine

Leader of Learning in English


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