Bicycle Letter


29th October 2018

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Many of our students choose to cycle to school as a convenient means of travel.  When students ride safely, use cycle lights, high visibility clothing and safety equipment (including helmets) this is a safe way of travelling.

A small number of our students are not riding responsibly, and are causing stress to other road users and members of the public.

During autumn and winter months, there are more incidents involving children and young people on the roads (already, we have noted several small incidents involving our students) and clearly we are keen to keep the roads safe for all users.

Should we believe that your child is not cycling safely or with due courtesy, we will contact you and inform you of this, in order that you can discuss the issues with your child.  If after that, your child does not change their behaviour on the road, we may ask that they do not travel by bicycle in the future.

Thank you for your ongoing support in ensuring that your child plays their part in keeping the roads safe.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs B Moss

Assistant Headteacher, Pastoral Support and Guidance


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