Uniform Letter Guidance 2017


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Dear Parent or Guardian

As we reach the final term of this academic year, I am writing to firstly thank you for your continued support in striving to maintain our high standards of uniform. When uniform is worn correctly, it enables students to identify with our school, gives them a sense of belonging, and reinforces our business-like ethos.

To maintain high standards of uniform, we use positive reinforcement and sanctions in cases where a minority of students are repeatedly not meeting our uniform expectations i.e. rolling knee length skirts up, or wearing incorrect shoes.

The challenge parents often face as uniform customers, is that retailers label items “uniform” which do not conform to Bedford High School’s uniform policy. High Street retailers also seek to capitalise on a child’s ‘pester power’ by selling fashionable, branded items at inflated prices, which again do not conform to our Uniform Policy. We know it can be irritating to buy, for instance, an expensive pair of shoes from a sports shop, only be told that they are unsuitable for school and for this reason, we strongly advise parents against purchasing uniform from retailers other than the suppliers stated below.  This ensures the items you buy comply with our Uniform Policy.

Our preferred local suppliers continue to be:

  • Bang Bang – 01942 609447
  • A & H Rosenfield – 01942 269046
  • Jaymax Kidswear – 01942 682984

For clarity, a summary of our current student uniform is detailed below. Full guidance can be found from our uniform policy. A copy of which can be found on our website or on the Parent Portal on FROG:

General School Uniform

  • Black skirt with green piping (Years 7 and 8) or black skirt with red piping (Years 9, 10 and 11)
  • Black opaque plain tights (As an option, during the last half term (June-July), girls may wear black or grey knee-length socks in place of tights)
  • White school shirt
  • Mid-grey or black flannel suit-style trousers
  • Black blazer with school badge (compulsory for Years 7-10)
  • Black leather or leather-look school shoes (not trainers or canvas)
  • Optional black pullover (BHS v-necked only) Year 7 – 10
  • Compulsory black pullover (BHS v-necked only) – with red piping for Year 11
  • School Tie
  • Plain black coat

PE Uniform

  • Black polo shirt with emerald panel and white piping. BHS logo and child’s surname on the back
  • Black skort with emerald panel and white piping Or black shorts with emerald panel and white piping
  • Black hooded top with emerald panel and white piping BHS logo and child’s surname on the back
  • Black hockey socks with green top
  • Trainers (no pumps or converse)

Gym and Athletics  

  • White Polo shirt with BHS logo and child’s surname on the back
  • White socks
  • White shorts with logo
  • Gym shoes or Trainers light coloured sole
  • Black hooded top with BHS logo and child’s surname on the back (optional)

Rugby and Football

  • School  rugby shirt with BHS logo and child’s surname on the back
  • Black shorts with BHS logo
  • Green socks with BHS logo
  • Football Boots
  • Gum Shield and Shin Pads

Hair should not be of an extreme or unnatural colour, cut or style; including tramlines, streaks, patterns or Mohicans.  Minimum cut length No.2.

Except for a watch and one stud earing in each earlobe, jewellery and make-up/nail polish are not permitted in school.  Nose studs and visible body piercing are not allowed.

Mobile phones and other electrical devices such as i-pods/MP3 players are not to be seen or heard on the school site.

Sweatshirts/hooded tops, casual sportswear, base-ball caps, leather-jackets, denim jackets, jeans or pockets with badges, stickers and embroidery are forbidden.

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students, and anyone arriving at school in non-uniform clothing may be sent home to change or isolated if the situation can’t be rectified.

As parents and guardians, you agree to support the school through our home school agreement and it is your responsibility to ensure your child arrives at school each morning wearing appropriate uniform to the expected standards. Your child is then responsible for ensuring that they wear their uniform correctly throughout the school day. When students fail to comply with our expectations, further intervention is required.


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