UCAS Progress – Letter for Year 10 Parents


The official letter can be downloaded here. 

July 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian

 Applying to college, sixth form or training provision through UCAS Progress

Searching and applying for their preferred post-16 destination is one of the most important activities your son or daughter will carry out during Year 11. Our students apply to colleges through UCAS Progress and the school deadline for applications is December 2017 and we encourage students to apply for 3 or 4 colleges and a variety of courses to keep their options open.

UCAS Progress is a common application process, which helps young people to search and apply for their future learning and training through a single, online system. The benefit of using UCAS Progress is that they can search through the full range of post-16 opportunities, including A-levels, vocational courses and apprenticeships, before deciding where to apply. They will only have to input their personal information once and can send these details to multiple colleges and providers they are interested in applying to. Your son or daughter will receive support from teachers and the careers advisers to search for opportunities and to complete their application(s).  As the system is web-based they will also be able to access their accounts at home or via other computers and mobile platforms that have internet access.

To make the UCAS Progress system available to all of our students in Year 11, we will be uploading your son/daughter’s basic information onto the UCAS Progress system to create their account, prior to introducing them to the system. This will include their first name, surname and date of birth, which will enable UCAS Progress to set up secure usernames and passwords.

This information will also be made available to Career Connect, Positive Steps and Salford City Council, each of whom is supporting the delivery of the UCAS project in Greater Manchester. Career Connect and Positive Steps are careers services that have been commissioned to deliver this project in Greater Manchester, whilst Salford City Council holds the licence agreement with UCAS on behalf of the GMCA. These organisations will only have access to your son/daughter’s basic information for statistical purposes and under no circumstances will their information be shared with any other third party (e.g. a college or training provider) without their prior consent.

If you do not wish for your son or daughter’s information to be uploaded on to the UCAS system please return the reply slip below or email p.birchall@bedford.wigan.sch.uk.

Yours sincerely

Mrs R Ramsden

Director of Learning

Form to be returned to Mrs Birchall, U Block Office.

I do not wish for my son or daughter’s information to be uploaded on to the UCAS system.


Child’s name _____________________________   Form _________


Parent Name (please print) and Signature ____________________________________________________



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