Going Global


WITHOUT Geography where would we be?
It’s a great big world out there and this is the subject that helps us to make sense of it.
Our planet is going through change at a breathtaking pace and over the next 50 years there will be a lot more. Geography explains these changes and helps us to prepare for them.
We look at how we interact with the environment and the global differences that help to shape our landscapes and cultures. We examine the society and economy of rich and poor countries. And we ask some big questions:
How do we provide for future generations?
How do we conserve, preserve and sustain?
Department Staff and Responsibilities
Damien Monaghan – Teaching and Learning Coordinator
Rebecca Ramsden – Teacher of Geography / Head of PSHE

Key Stage 3
Year 7 – Topics:
Geographical skills, going to extremes-deserts, flooding, what are we doing to our world?

Year 8 – Topics:
Volcanoes and earthquakes, tropical rainforests, population and development.

Key Stage 4
GCSE Geography
Year 9 – Topics:
Geography skills, Tourism, Water on the land—Rivers, Globalisation, Ecosystems.

Year 10- topics:
Population change, The Restless Earth, Changing Urban Environments, Controlled
Year 11– topics:
The Living World, Tourism, Water on the Land.

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