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Taigen Swinburn – Year 11

Most people studying Karate tend to think of a black belt as the ultimate goal but far from it!  Our Year 11 student, Taigen Swinburn, has achieved her second Dan, Nidan Level which is a 2nd degree black belt. Amazing!  Taigen had to undergo a 4 hour assessment which included 1½ hours of Kumite (fighting) plus basics and katas.

Taigen is dedicated to her sport and practices for around 6 hours per week and is well on her way to joining the Olympic Team. On top of all of that Taigen is an excellent student and a talented dancer. Well done Taigen, we are really proud of you!

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Abby Leeder – Year 8

Abby recently entered the County Swimming Competition in Manchester and recorded the following times:

Backstroke 100m 1 min 16 seconds

Backstroke 200m 2 mins 44 seconds

These are excellent times for Abby’s age group which is 14 years old (Abby is only 13 years of age).

In February, Abby will be streamed live across the world to showcase her amazing talent for swimming.

Abby’s ambition is to become an Olympic Swimmer. She currently swims for the Atherton and Leigh Swimming Club and she trains with the Wigan Best Squad.  Abby trains in the evenings 4 times per week and also for 1½ hours on Thursday morning at 6am before school and on Sunday morning at 8.30am.  WOW!

We are proud of your achievements Abby!


Panathlon Schools Deaf Football Tournament at Greenbank Sports Academy, Liverpool

Organised by James Dixon (Wigan disability sports coach and UK Deaf Sports Ambassador) 3 of our students: Jordan Doyle, Joel Denton and Israr Ahmed, together with 3 students from St Mary’s High School, Fred Longworth and St Edmund Arrowsmith represented Wigan in the Panathlon Schools Deaf Football Tournament in Liverpool. The boys involved all have a hearing loss and are supported by the Specialist Sensory Education Team at Wigan.  Bedford received a special thanks for providing the mini bus, a kit and especially to Rob Drinnan for driving the mini bus and acting as their coach, as the team would have struggled to attend without his support.

The boys were exemplar ambassadors for Wigan and their schools and were excellent role models for the younger deaf pupils playing in the primary tournament at the same time.

The team played 6 fixtures in the first round – won three, drew two and lost one. The team qualified for the final and both teams played their best football but the Wigan team sadly lost one nil when the opposition were awarded a penalty in the dying minutes of the game.

Well done Jordan, Joel and Israr – we are proud of you!

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