Bedford’s Midnight Stars Choir Events


‘Midnight Stars,’ Bedford High School’s junior choir, has been rehearsing tirelessly for one of our recent events ‘Bedford’s Got Talent.’ The event took place on the 2nd March and highlighted the great success of all students taking part, including those in both the junior and senior choir.


Students of the junior choir and teachers involved, have been taking extra rehearsals leading up to another performance, the ‘Let’s Sing’ event, which was showcased on 21st March at Robin Park Wigan. This large-scale singing opportunity was set up to develop and highlight the talent of singing across a wide range of ages and across the borough itself. The students of the Midnight Stars will also sing alongside a variety of different schools which includes over 400 young people from schools across the Wigan authority.


The Midnight Stars comprises the gifted voices of 56 Year 7 and Year 8 students, who have previously been involved in various events, including performances at local primary schools during the run up to Christmas 2016 and performing in our school’s very own Christmas concert.


These remarkable experiences, set up by both the local area and our school, aim to provide our younger students with the confidence for their future beyond school life, after all, “singing makes the world a happier place!”

Report by Molly Year 10


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