Rotary Youth Speaks Competition


Rotary Youth Speaks Competition 2017- hosted at Bedford High School


The Youth Speaks Competition, which is run by the Rotary Club, provides a wonderful platform for young people to develop and perform on a public stage. It is a tremendous demonstration of the talents that our young people possess and it is a formidable opportunity for them to build their public speaking and persuasive language skills. It also provides our students with the ability to improve their confidence, aspirations and articulation skills.

Bedford hosted this successful event in February and we also had two teams representing the school. One team was participating at the Senior level (Year 10) and one at the Intermediate level (Year 8). Each team of three had a specific role and they focused on a topic of their choice. Our Year 8 girls made a compelling argument for Post 16 education to not be compulsory whilst our Year 10 girls enlightened the audience to the challenges and reality of the life of a young person today.

Both teams spoke confidently and coherently and were able to fully capture their audience. Both teams were actually placed second just one point behind the winners. Our girls displayed an impressive courage in their delivery and they presented a clearly articulated argument.

Team Chairperson Speaker Vote of Thanks Topic


Senior Katie Katy Molly ‘The Youth of today!’


Intermediate Mia Megan Megan Post 16 education.



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