All the world’s a stage


Our aim is for students to learn the craft of acting as well as looking at what happens back stage and supporting a performance.
The Drama Department provides opportunities for students to go to the theatre as well as work with artists in school.
Year 7 & 8 students are taught 1 hour of Drama each week and it is offered as a GCSE Option.

Department Staff and Responsibilities
Miss Mitchell – Teaching and Learning Coordinator
Mrs Moss (Teacher of Drama)

Key Stage 3
Year 7 – Topics:
The Beginning / The Lost Valley / Scripted Work / The Diary of Anne Frank / Dragon’s Over Manchester / Pirates and Smugglers / Devising Project

Year 8 -Topics:
Back to basics / Silent Movies / Characterisation / Scripted work / Puppet Theatre / Devising project.

Key Stage 4
GCSE Drama
Year 9 – Topics:
The History of Theatre—Greek Theatre, Shakespeare, Physical Theatre, Devising project , scripted work
Year 10 – topics:
Stanislavsky, Brechtian Theatre, Lighting workshops, Stage make-up workshops
The study of play texts—’Two’ by Jim Cartwright, ‘Blood Brothers’ by Will Russell, ‘Hard to Swallow’ by Mark wheeler and ’A View from the Bridge’ by Arthur Miller.

Year 11 – topics:
– Paper 1 Examination/Controlled Assessment (September to December). This is a topic / issue that is explored through using the medium of Drama. Topics change each year, in the past they have looked at Body Image, Tomorrow’s World, Manchester Riots.
– Paper 3 Preparation and Examination. Students opt to be examined in Performance or Performance support. For the Performance option students are given an assignment brief from the exam board (changed each year) and in groups of 3-6 they have to devise and perform a piece of Drama. Students who opt for Performance support can chose to do with Lighting, Sound or Stage make-up. Students will then research and design the selected skill and apply it to one of the performance groups (January to March).

Extra Curricular Activities (Days and Times)
Year 7 and 8 Drama club every Tuesday 2.45pm—3.45pm in L32.

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