Design and Technology

Better by design


Interacting with the modern world.
Just one of the major aims of the Design and Technology Department at Bedford High School. Students are helped to develop creative and problem solving skills and gain experience of working in the key areas of Food, Resistant Materials, and Graphical Products.
Design and Technology is a popular non-core subject at Bedford High School. This is thanks to a friendly yet professional learning environment made possible by the hard work of both staff and students.

Department Staff
Mrs McLoud
Mrs T Everitt
Mrs S Earner

Mr McCarthy

Key Stage 3
Year 7—Topics:

Food Technology
The year 7 course is called ‘The Basics’. We look at healthy eating and the equipment used in a Food Technology room. Learning takes please through a range of practical lessons which give the students the basic skills.

Design &Technology
Students have the opportunity to work with different materials producing four projects throughout Year 7. Students experience practical lessons and the opportunity to work with Computer Aided Design Software.

Year 8—Topics:

Food Technology
The Year 8 course is called ‘Ready Steady Cook’. We continue to build on the skills learned in Year 7 by looking at the main protein foods —milk, cheese, eggs, fish, meat both theoretically and through practical tasks.

Design & Technology
Students continue to develop their design and making skills with a range of challenging projects. They gain experience of working with some of the latest technologies in school, allowing them to solve problems in innovative ways and to create objects from their own designs that are of high quality.

Key Stage 4
GCSE Catering.
A very practical course which also covers the theory of catering. Practical lessons take place every week to develop the skills needed for controlled testing in Years 10 and 11.

GCSE Child Development.
Students learn how to care for a child from birth to five years-old. They have to observe a child under the age of five for five months to look at how children learn and develop.

GCSE Resistant Materials.
These courses develop problem-solving skills and students create quality products designed for specific clients or target markets.

Extra Curricular Activities (Days and Times)
D&T Rooms open at lunch time for all students to complete homework.
Catch UP Club for exam groups on Thursday from 2.45pm to 4.45pm.

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