Care & Behaviour

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development at Bedford High School.

At Bedford we have high expectations, which are set in a creative and caring context. We believe in a culture of achievement because we know that exam success is important to everyone. Equally important to us are the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all our students.

Our Motto

  • To Care. 
  • To Learn. 
  • To Achieve.

We will encourage and support all our students in their journey:

  • To realise their full potential.
  • To have the highest expectations for their future.
  • To enjoy a fulfilling life.
  • To share an ethos of respect for themselves and others.

We will achieve this through our wide, varied and personalised curriculum and the extensive provision of extra curricular events and enrichment activities on offer to our students. 

School discipline

Bedford High School and its governors promote standards of behaviour based on the basic principles of honesty, respect, consideration and responsibility for self and others.

To enable a clear, consistent and agreed approach towards successful behaviour management, all students have the responsibility to ensure that they understand the rules, behave appropriately and fully understand the consequences and rewards resulting from the decisions and actions they take.

Positive achievement is encouraged at all times with a whole range of rewards to recognise effort and achievement.

To support the School’s vision of ‘enhancing the life chances of all learners’ we expect students to follow a learning code based on the basic principles of honesty, respect, consideration and responsibility for self and others. Additionally, we believe it is vital to equip students with an enterprising mindset to aid their success in a rapidly changing world.

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Teachers cannot teach and students cannot learn when there is not good order in schools. Bedford High School has created an environment which encourages, reinforces and supports positive acceptable behaviour.

We expect good behaviour from all our students. The school Behaviour Policy is based on national guidance.

*Bullying is always taken seriously and will not be tolerated from any member of Bedford High School (see anti-bullying policy).