The Magic Numbers!


The subject is popular with students at all levels of ability and has produced some very impressive results. Work is varied, fun and encourages students to work individually and collaboratively.

All pupils are encouraged to take an active role in all lessons and given the opportunity to solve problems using mathematical knowledge and skills. ICT is used to enhance the learning experience; all Mathematics rooms are equipped with Interactive White Boards. Pupils can access Mymaths, Mathswatch and Doddle to complement their classroom learning from KS3 up to GCSE level.

We work hard to promote an ethos of inclusion for all. We have high expectations for all students to enable them to achieve their potential. In order to achieve this, the mathematics department recognises that the climate needs to be conducive to learning for all.


Department Staff and Responsibilities

Mr Blackledge – Teaching and Learning Leader

Mrs Brooks – Teaching and Learning Manager

Mrs Riches – Director of Learning / Maths Teacher

Mr Riozzi – Maths Teacher

Mr McDonald – Maths Teacher

Miss Stone – Maths Teacher

Miss Thomas – Maths Teacher

Mr Jones – Maths Teacher

Miss Shakeel – Maths Teacher





Key Stage 3

Year 7 and 8

Schemes of work are followed which contain a focus on progression to GCSE in the learning of mathematics. The main topic areas are; numeracy, algebra, shape, space and measurement and data handling. Classes in these years are taught in one block and classes are set in ability levels.


Key Stage 4


Year 9, 10 and 11

The Key Stage 4 work commences in Year 9 and follows a two tier (higher/foundation) linear syllabus.

Classes in Year 9-11 are taught in one block with classes set in ability levels. They follow a three year course in KS4 with a final exam in Year 11. The examination consists of three papers; Paper 1 is without a calculator, Paper 2 and 3 are with a calculator.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Lunchtime Maths Club
  • After school revision /support
  • UK Maths Challenge
  • Booster visits to Manchester University


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